Yikes my A1C was at 10

Yikes my A1C was at 10



So, I went to the doctor this week and got my test results back and found out quite a few different things about the state of my health. First of all as I mentioned before my blood sugar was definitely out glucose-meterof control because my A1C was 10. I think the highest I’ve had before this was a 5.7. I also found out I have arthritis in my knees, neck, wrists, and ankles so that explains a lot of the pain had been in. However, the scariest thing going on has to do with my right lung and before they can be sure exactly what’s going on I need to have more tests done.

As I stated before my health has to be a priority now for me and the first thing I need to do is get my blood sugar under control. Which is why I started a new diet plan and began working out again. This week my blood readings have been pretty good since my last doctor visit with my highest being 116 and the lowest being 76. Hopefully, I’m able to get this to a consistently normal level so that I can avoid any future health problems as a result of my diabetes.

There are still a few things I need to get checked out and I will be doing a lot of tests over the next few weeks. For example, this week I have to have an ultrasound performed on my left leg where I have been having some pretty bad pain and the doctor suspects may be deep vein thrombosis.

The lesson here that I learned is that I need to start taking time to make sure I take care of myself because I am worth it no matter what my PTSD issues may be secretly trying to tell my brain. In the coming weeks my blog will probably be more health related and I will discuss in further detail my struggles and even my  triumphs with you.

Wish me luck because right now all the tasks before me seemed a little difficult.

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